Retention Strategy

Nationwide, the average first-year to second-year retention rate is about 69%. At Trinity College, we are proud to share that our first-year retention rate is holding strong at 90% and is on the rise. Our retention rate has remained at or over the 90th percentile for the past five years. To learn more about Trinity’s retention and graduation rates, please view the Public Factbook.

Why is Retention data valuable?

At Trinity, we translate retention data into the cultivation of supports for students. From our experience in working with students, we have developed – and continue to create – strategic programs for students who are navigating transitions during their college experience. For example, we recognize that students who are on a Leave of Absence are having to navigate these new or “renewed” concerns about returning to Trinity, so we built a holistic program that embraces the student at the center, surrounded by our colleagues, to support their transition back to campus. Persistence and retention data has informed the development of high-impact, early intervention programming as well.

Strategic Programming + Persistence Coaching = First-Year Student Success

The Summit-to-Success (S2S) Scholars Program, in addition to Coaching offered (e.g., Habit Technique and Development) and Coaching Check-ins, has resulted in improved persistence and increased institutional retention of first-year students.

Student Success Ecosystem

Trinity College provides students with a campus-wide ecosystem of support to help them cultivate success. The student ecosystem is comprised of partners who work cooperatively to support students’ shifting needs as they navigate the college experience. There are many people and resources involved in students’ navigation. To help students achieve holistic success, Career & Life Design connects students with the right resources, as illustrated below:

The visual, above, represents the supports in place for Trinity students.


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